RIVANNA Issued New Patents for Core Accuro Technology

Growing Patent Portfolio Paves the Way for Product Line Expansion

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., June 26, 2020 — RIVANNA® today announced three new patents for its Accuro® ultrasound-based spinal navigation system, bringing the company’s portfolio covering its core technology to 12 issuances. Introduced in 2016, Accuro automates ultrasound image detection of spinal landmarks and guides users to the optimal spinal location and depth for needle placement for epidural and spinal anesthesia procedures.

The newly granted U.S. Patent Nos. 10,548,564 and 10,679,347; and Chinese P.R.C. Patent No. ZL201380043131.1 cover aspects of the company’s BoneEnhance® technology, which delivers a five- to 10-fold enhancement of bone-to-tissue image contrast through bone-specific beam formation for improved visualization. BoneEnhance, as well as SpineNav3D™—which automates measurement of the spinal midline, epidural depth and trajectory—provide the foundation for Accuro’s unique functionality.

“Rivanna’s extensive patent portfolio helps solidify ownership of our groundbreaking ultrasound-based technologies and the research and development that underlie them,” says Will Mauldin, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Rivanna. “Ultrasound delivers precise, real-time imaging that is both cost-effective and flexible enough for use in a broad range of medical applications. However, until now, both the modality’s steep learning curve and its inability to precisely capture bony anatomical structures have posed significant clinical limitations. Rivanna’s BoneEnhance, SpineNav3D, and related innovative features help to overcome these challenges and provide a practical path for significantly expanded ultrasound applications. With our solid portfolio of patents in place, we look forward to utilizing our technology in a growing family of devices, bringing the benefits of ultrasound-based technology to additional clinical areas, including neurology, oncology and emergency medicine.”

Accuro sets a new standard-of-care for epidural and spinal anesthesia procedures. Unlike conventional ultrasound systems, it enables users with little or no experience in the modality to take advantage of precise image guidance rather than relying on traditional blind palpation to estimate the spinal midline and appropriate intervertebral space for needle placement.

A growing number of clinical trials demonstrate significant product benefits for users, whatever their ultrasound experience level; this includes a 48% reduction in needle redirects, a 57% reduction in needle insertion time and improved patient satisfaction reaching 95% (M. Tiouririne et al., 2017; Singla et al., 2019; D. Ghisi et al., 2019). Portable and compact, the device features a flexible, handheld form factor that enables easy and convenient operation and supports conventional departmental workflow.

“As a growing body of research continues to underscore the benefits of image guidance for epidural and spinal anesthesia procedures in general, and studies demonstrate the clinical value of Accuro in particular, sales of the device have escalated rapidly,” says Mauldin. “Rivanna is continuously refining its technology to enhance image precision and ease-of-use, increasing its appeal while creating a path for new product introductions. Our growing patent portfolio is an integral part of that effort.”

Accuro and its automated spinal navigation technologies are FDA 510(k)-cleared and selling in more than 20 countries worldwide.


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