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Antonio Gonzalez, MD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Yale School of Medicine, demonstrates epidural placement with Accuro from start to finish.

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Accuro Epidural Guidance—A Clinical Trial.

A recent UVA study evaluated the efficacy of spinal anesthesia administration by resident physicians when using the Accuro epidural guidance system. Anesthesiology residents placed spinals in subjects undergoing scheduled cesarean delivery using one of three techniques to identify neuraxial landmarks: palpation, ultrasound, or combined palpation and ultrasound.

In obese patients, the use of Accuro resulted in the following.

  • 26% greater first insertion success rates
    21% decrease in needle insertions
    38% decrease in needle passes
    57% reduction in needle insertion time
    75% decrease in patients reporting neutral or low patient satisfaction

In the UVA study, resident anesthesiologists competently utilized the ultrasound system after receiving minimal training.

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