Accuro is Epidural Guidance.

Increase the safety, speed, and efficiency of neuraxial anesthesia.

Accuro device for lumbar and throacic epidurals

Elevate your skill set with intuitive, trailblazing technology.

Accuro’s lumbar preset helps you rapidly identify the midline, epidural space, and depth with significant bone-image contrast and AI-enabled image reconstruction.

Accuro’s thoracic preset identifies a prescribed needle path towards the interlaminar space with real-time visualization of the Tuohy progressing along the prescribed needle track.

Clinically Proven. Widely Adopted.

Accuro is widely adopted and trusted in clinical practices worldwide. Clinical evidence solidifies Accuro as an effective, easy-to-learn tool. Anesthesia providers with minimal ultrasound experience can take advantage of its technology.

Reduces the number of needle redirections…
Enhances safety, efficacy, and patient satisfaction...
Measures epidural depth comparable to standard ultrasound...

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