TRUE-VIEW Training Models

You can see the spine as you navigate with Accuro. (You’re welcome.)

We’ve imagined a more fitting, secure home base for you to keep your Accuro—designed with features, including a locking lid, power supply, and ample storage.


  • Optically transparent
  • Acoustically realistic tissue-mimicking material
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No maintenance, repair or re-inspection



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TRUE-VIEW—Lumbar and Thoracic Models

Learn how Accuro’s 2D imaging plane interprets complex 3D structures to develop a solid foundation for image-guided neuraxial anesthesia. Practice landmark identification and see clearly how Accuro’s navigation correlates with the spine. Material is not engineered to accept needle punctures and will sustain permanent damage from needle insertions.

TRUE-VIEW PUNCTURE—Lumbar and Thoracic Models

This series features a softer material, engineered to accept needle punctures so you can easily practice needle access for lumbar punctures, lumbar epidurals, and thoracic epidurals. Material is self-healing and, over time, eliminates track marks from needle insertions; a needle gauge of 22 or finer is recommended.

A clear advancement

RIVANNA’s (see-through) TRUE-VIEW Training Models feature a true-to-form reconstruction of the spinal canal, apt for image-guided neuraxial anesthesia training using Accuro’s automated image recognition technology.

Our optically transparent, acoustically realistic tissue-mimicking material allows you to see the spine, as well as Accuro’s relative position to the spine, while imaging to identify the midline, epidural space, and depth.

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