Improve the safety, speed, and efficiency of neuraxial anesthesia with Accuro®.

You have a lot of potential when it comes to increasing your standard of patient care with Accuro spinal navigation. For scouting or real-time paramedian approach, Accuro provides lumbar and thoracic presets to simplify neuraxial anesthesia imaging guidance.

Clinical evidence collected from around the world and enlisting more than 600 subjects all point to the same conclusion: The Accuro-guided technique is superior to blind palpation irrespective of provider experience level, type of neuraxial anesthesia performed, and amount of prior training with Accuro*.

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Certainty Can Be Effortless.

Accuro automated overlay — lumbar preset

Scouting technique with Lumbar preset

Accuro’s automated identification of spinal midline, epidural space, and depth allow you to mark precise needle placement during spinals and epidurals.

  1. Automated depth estimates
  2. Identification of either the interlaminar space or the spinous process
  3. Position and orientation of the current 2D scan plane
Accuro automated overlay — thoracic preset

Paramedian approach with Thoracic preset

Accuro’s “needle-track” prescribes a needle pathwith on-screen needle visualization for real-timeimage-guidance during paramedian epidurals.

  1. Needle track indicator
  2. Real-time needle visualization
  3. Automated depth estimate

Real-Time Paramedian Epidural Placement with Accuro’s Thoracic Preset

Performance claims from Singla et al. (2019); D. Ghisi et al. (2019)