World-First Technology

We are causing a significant shift with our disruptive technologies. With every discovery, patent, and product launch, we provide novel solutions to help healthcare providers elevate their standard of care.

RIVANNA's world-first technologies, including
BoneVision™ and BoneEnhance®
optimize ultrasound image acquisition and visualization to provide radiation-free analogues for X-ray-based medical imaging modalities.
When paired with
SpineNav3D™ AI-Enabled Image Recognition
these products offer comprehensive clinician-assistance solutions that elevate the standard of care across a range of clinical applications.
BoneEnhance® Multi-Frequency Image Reconstruction
improves visualization of bony anatomy and compensates for ultrasound's inherent distortion with a 5- to 10-fold increase in bone-to-tissue contrast.
Multi-Probe Multi-Angle BoneVision™
is an automated image-acquisition technique that increases angular-image sensitivity to bone surfaces, providing precisely captured bony anatomical structures within a large field of view and demonstrated performance detecting small fractures with high sensitivity and specificity.
SpineNav3D™ AI-Enabled Spine Recognition
facilitates image interpretation of individual 2D spine scans by automating spinal bone landmark detection and depth measurements and providing a real-time assessment of scan plane orientation in 3D. This technology makes image interpretation and measurements of the spine anatomy simple and accessible.

RIVANNA holds more than 34 global patents and patent applications protecting ultrasound-based innovations.