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Accuro device for lumbar and throacic epidurals

Certainty Can Be Effortless

Accuro is the world’s first epidural guidance device specifically designed to improve the safety, speed, and efficiency of neuraxial anesthesia. A growing body of clinical evidence demonstrates that an Accuro-guided technique is superior to a ‘blind’ palpation-based approach irrespective of provider experience level, type of neuraxial anesthesia performed, and amount of prior training with Accuro.

Automated Epidural Guidance

Accuro’s world-first image guidance technologies include BoneEnhance® Multi-Frequency Image Reconstruction, which improves bone visualization, and SpineNav3D™ AI-Enabled Image Recognition, which guides you with real-time automatic spinal landmark detection. Ensure improved localization of the desired intervertebral space for first-attempt success during spinal needle guidance procedures with Accuro.


Access training videos and tutorials for lumbar neuraxial placement, and real-time thoracic paramedian neuraxial procedures using Accuro.


Review testimonials and case studies to see first-hand applications and experiences with Accuro’s state-of-the-art image guidance.


Read our growing body of clinical evidence demonstrating that an Accuro-guided technique is superior to a palpation-based approach.