On your mark: Easily mark the needle insertion site or perform real-time needle guidance. 

Mark needle placement or perform real-time needle guidance with the Accuro Locator needle guide.

Accuro Locator needle guide
Locator needle guide

The Locator supports the non-sterile pre-procedural scouting technique for lumbar spinals and epidurals and real-time image-guidance during paramedian epidurals.

#4742 (24-count) Accuro Locator contents:

(1) Locator needle guide

NOTE: The Locator and sterile cover are single-use only; they are not designed to facilitate cleaning or re-sterilization.

Accuro sterile cover and Locator
Sterile cover and Locator kit

The sterile cover and Locator support sterile technique for optimal success and is recommended, especially in more challenging patients.

#4741 (24-count) Accuro Locator instrument cover

Cover kit (sterile) contents: (1) Soft PullUpTM instrument cover; (1) Locator needle guide; (1) sterile gel; and (2) bands

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