Accuro Neuraxial Guidance Resources

Whether you’ve recently purchased an Accuro or are seeking a better understanding of its functionality, you’re in the right place.




  1. Expect the learning curve to span 5 to 10 procedures.

  2. Start learning with healthy subjects/normal BMI first.

  3. The needle insertion trajectory mirrors the scanning angle.

  4. Scan with slow micro-movements to allow the AI to interpret the ultrasound image as concisely as possible.

  5. Hold Accuro near the transducer while anchoring hand to the patient’s back with the other hand under Accuro for support.

Best hand position technique to scan with Accuro.

Small adjustments in angle or position can cause significant changes in the image. For best results, employ an over- or under-hand technique as shown and use slow, deliberate “micro-movements” while scanning with Accuro.

Accuro Use Cases: From Challenge to Triumph.

Patients with above-normal BMI face a higher risk of epidural failure due to less apparent spinal bony structures. Additionally, those with atypical spinal conditions, such as scoliosis or prior surgeries, also face significant risk. Learn how Accuro delivers results for patients with challenging anatomy.

Additional Resources

Accuro Quick Start Guide

This is your go-to for quick orientation, from powering up your Accuro to understanding the graphical indicators.


TRUE-VIEW Training Models

Try this true-to-form reconstruction of the spinal canal for image-guided neuraxial anesthesia training.