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Elevating global standards of care through the commercialization of world-first imaging-based medical technologies.



Changing standards of care in medicine is a big mission that requires effort and sacrifice.

Disciplined approach to our work with high attention to detail.

Commitment to excellence and best possible effort.



Earn trust of your team by working hard, doing your job, and being a reliable teammate.

Trust that it is okay to fail and ask for help.

Trust that your thoughts and ideas (even the bad ones) have value.



Commit to serving your teammates and the mission.

Acknowledge your own shortcomings and problems in order to improve as a team.

Have an openness to other people, ideas, and solutions.

Celebrate when your ideas and solutions are superseded by better ones.



We Win As A Team, Not Individuals.


Our values strengthen who we are as individuals and affect how we excel as a team. Trust, humility, and dedication—a commitment to excellence and absolute best possible effort—create synergy to shift the big things, like perspective. In the pursuit of our mission to elevate the global standard of care, we value that as a team, we can accomplish a scale that far outweighs the work of one.


Your thoughts and ideas (even the bad ones) have value. Making a mistake lets you know if your assumptions were right or wrong. Making a mistake repeatedly by not reviewing the data, or not talking with customers or co-workers is the only wrong way to fail.



Acknowledge your shortcomings and problems so we can improve and grow together. If you’re not an expert in a particular area, admit it; that’s the quickest way to improve. Have an openness to other people, ideas, and solutions. We’re on the same team, and the big wins are not created in a vacuum.



There will always be crunch times, but we want to make sure you balance work and the rest of the important stuff in life. If you find yourself in an extended crunch, review your task list and set priorities with your manager. A quick conversation about planning, communication, or resources will go a long way in helping you hit milestones with balance.



Commercializing world-first, imaging-based medical solutions is one thing; helping new people learn the ropes here at RIVANNA is another. So, maybe your laptop arrived a day late, and you didn’t get a proper tour. There are areas in which we can improve—and that’s worth pointing out. We welcome your arrival; it’s your opportunity to be an agent of change and create value throughout RIVANNA. Let us know how we can do better.


We are goal-driven, with well-communicated targets to reach. We collaborate to accomplish milestones encouraging the curiosity and ownership that fosters individuality and leadership. We work hard on working things out, still wearing many hats and prioritizing what’s necessary; this environment provides great opportunities for ownership, responsibility, and accomplishment.

We’re causing a significant shift with our disruptive technologies—every discovery, patent, product launch; a myriad of opportunities that unite us.

Our collective fortitude has us poised to change the status quo—and you can make us stronger; it’s good timing on your part and what a significant Win For The Team.


That's it, bye!