Accuro is Epidural Guidance

Increase first-attempt success rates during spinal needle guidance procedures.

Accuro device for lumbar and throacic epidurals

Elevate your standard of care and enhance patient safety with Accuro's world-first imaging technology.

Perform scouting technique with Lumbar preset

Multi-Frequency BoneEnhance® Image Reconstruction provides enhanced visualization of lumbar bony anatomy with increased bone-to-tissue contrast.

AI-Enabled SpineNav3D™ Image Recognition provides automated anatomical indicators that display spinal midline, epidural space, and depth.

Perform paramedian epidurals with Thoracic preset

Multi-Frequency BoneEnhance® provides enhanced thoracic bony anatomy image reconstruction with needle enhancement for real-time visualization of the Tuohy progressing along the prescribed needle track.

AI-Enabled SpineNav3D™ provides automated anatomical indicators that display the appropriate paramedian needle-track trajectory and depth to interlaminar space.

“As an anesthesiologist performing epidurals and spinals, we’re one of the few specialties not using imaging technology regularly to find the epidural space; this is an advancement that is due in our specialty.”

Stephen Garber MD Anesthesiologist, Medical Director Obstetric Anesthesiology Laguna Hills, CA

Clinically Proven

The use of Accuro reduced the number of needle redirections…

The use of Accuro can enhance the efficacy and safety of spinal anesthesia.

Accuro accurately estimates the epidural space depth for epidural and spinal insertion.

Elevate Your Standard of Care.