RIVANNA's courses give you the fundamentals of Accuro automated image-guidance technology


Achieve Optimal Success With Accuro

RIVANNA’s course selections are designed to give you the fundamentals of the Accuro interface and automated image technology to ensure optimal success with implementing the device. After reviewing the course, initial Accuro usage should take place with healthy subjects with normal BMI, and the learning curve is expected to take between five and ten procedures.

Image Guidance For Neuraxial Anesthesia

Accuro is an ultrasound-based spinal navigation device that improves the safety, speed, and efficiency of neuraxial anesthesia. It is a handheld unit consisting of an ultrasound system, ultrasound probe, and a rotatable touchscreen display. Accuro’s SPINE MODE image guidance includes BoneEnhance®, which is designed to visualize bone landmarks, and SpineNav3D™, which guides you with automatic epidural location and depth.

Navigating The Accuro Academy Course

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