A patient waiting to receive spinal anesthesia for the first time is invariably anxious — and understandably so. At RIVANNA, every investment we make in research and development for our medical technology is guided by a commitment to helping clinicians improve that patient’s experience.

Our Accuro Neuraxial Guidance device exemplifies this by improving clinical confidence, workflow efficiency, and patient comfort for neuraxial anesthesia procedures. It empowers medical professionals to meet each patient’s anxieties with confidence and solutions, minimizing discomfort through fewer needle insertions and lowering risks with more concrete insights into anatomical complexities.

This shift in the patient experience — from apprehension to relief — is a testament to the power of medical precision. And it shows that precision itself translates directly to compassion in healthcare.

Pillars of compassionate care: Precision and safety

Compassionate healthcare encompasses the emotional well-being and experience of the patient. By nature, compassionate care is individualized care, and individualized care is made possible through precision medicine.

Precision medicine allows for individualized care plans based on a patient’s specific circumstances and anatomy. Through precision technologies like Accuro, physicians can enrich compassionate care and realize significant benefits for patients:

  • Fewer complications and pain associated with generalized approaches
  • Minimal anxiety and fear due to unknown variables or complexities
  • Faster recovery times as the result of individualized interventions
  • Strengthened trust in providers through procedural transparency

Precision medicine provides a personalized experience for patients — one they can feel better about, knowing the approach is unique to them and their situation. It’s why technology-guided interventions consistently produce examples of positive patient experiences and outcomes.

Leveraging advanced technology for patient care

Advanced technologies play an instrumental role in elevating medical procedures by unlocking new options for personalization. Consider some of the ways Accuro and other tools directly improve patient experience:

  • Enhanced insights and guidance: Technologies like the handheld Accuro Neuraxial Guidance device provide real-time visualizations and automated analysis for superior insights into a patient’s spinal anatomy. This empowers providers to make informed decisions during procedures for precision approaches and improved outcomes.
  • Personalized treatment plans: Advanced technology allows for rapid analysis of data, leading to more personalized treatment plans. For example, Accuro provides neuraxial imaging guidance with enhanced bony landmark visualization, which allows clinicians to tailor epidural and spinal block procedures to each patient’s specific — and complex — anatomy.
  • Minimally invasive procedures: Technological advancements often lead to the development of minimally invasive procedures. This translates to less discomfort and faster recovery times for patients.

Doctor Healthcare And Medicine With A Patient

Take control of positive outcomes

RIVANNA is deeply committed to a future of compassionate care. For us, it starts by empowering healthcare providers with innovative technologies. Our flagship Accuro Neuraxial Guidance system exemplifies this commitment.

  • Accuro enhances bone-to-tissue contrast with multifrequency BoneEnhance® image reconstruction. This technology provides visualization of each patient’s anatomy and complex bony structures comprising the spine.
  • Accuro helps clinicians establish ideal insertion points. With midline and crosshair indicators, Accuro simplifies needle placement by offering clear visual guides on the ultrasound image.
  • Accuro automatically identifies the epidural location with AI-enabled SpineNav3DTM image recognition. With an epidural location success rate exceeding 94%, this technology helps clinicians minimize patient discomfort and potential complications.

These individual technologies add up to a system designed specifically for precision medicine — and a more compassionate standard of care:

  • Increasing first-attempt success (and reducing paresthesia): Minimizing the number of needle insertions helps avoid accidental contact with nerves, which might otherwise cause paresthesia: tingling or numbness.
  • Reducing patient discomfort and anxiety: Studies have shown that our technology can lead to a significant 90% reduction in patients reporting low satisfaction scores (less than 4 on a 5-point scale) compared to traditional methods. This translates to a more positive and less stressful experience for patients undergoing neuraxial anesthesia procedures.
  • Giving confidence (and time) back to providers: By streamlining procedures and reducing the number of needle attempts, Accuro empowers providers with greater confidence and efficiency.

RIVANNA: Partners in precision medicine and patient care

Improving precision does more than drive procedural success. It has a profound impact on the emotional well-being of patients, and it enables clinicians to break through barriers that once limited options for providing elevated patient experiences. By embracing innovative technologies for enhancing precision and minimizing invasiveness, we can rewrite the narrative of so many medical procedures, transforming them from moments of discomfort and apprehension to stories of human connection and care.

Discover your options for improving precision and unlocking new potential for compassionate patient care at RivannaMedical.com.