Because the best place to stash your Accuro—isn’t in your desk.

We’ve imagined a more fitting, secure home base for you to keep your Accuro—designed with features, including a locking lid, power supply, and ample storage.

#4300 Accuro Trolley specifications

  • Aluminum alloy profile
  • Silent, locking caster wheels
  • Weight 6.5 kg
  • Height 1.2 m
  • Power supply 10,000 mAh

Accuro-Trolley (PDF)


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Accessible and secure

Your Accuro sits upright in the top basket—under lock and key—so you can securely park your trolley on the hospital floor, ensuring your Accuro is safe and easily accessible.

Convenient power

The 10,000 mAh power bank integrated under the Trolley lid makes it easy to keep your Accuro charged-up and ready to navigate.

Ample storage

Two large baskets allow you to keep all of your Accuro consumables organized in one convenient location.

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