First-pass success is real (and backed by clinical evidence).

Accuro Epidural Guidance demonstrates statistically significant efficacy
and safety for neuraxial anesthesia, especially with challenging patient anatomy.

Accuro for Guiding Epidural or Spinal Anaesthesia

Medtech innovation briefing [MIB245]


Commentary from clinical experts included in the briefing stated that Accuro could replace the standard of care.

Accuro in Obese Pregnant Patients

Simone Baglioni, Stefano Paolatti, Matteo Velardo, Giorgio Capogna


Accuracy of the SpineNav3D ultrasound technology in estimating the epidural space depth for epidural and spinal insertion in pregnant obese patients.

Accuro for Neuraxial Depth Landmark Assessment

Katherine M Seligman, Carolyn F Weiniger, Brendan Carvalho


Accuracy of a handheld ultrasound device for neuraxial depth and landmark assessment: A prospective Cohort Trial.

Accuro Decreases the Number of Needle Redirections

Daniela Ghisi, Marco Tomasi, Sandra Giannone, Alessandra Luppi, Lucia Aurini, Letizia Toccaceli, Andrea Benazzo, Stefano Bonarelli


A randomized comparison between Accuro and palpation-guided spinal anesthesia for obese patients undergoing orthopedic surgery.

Accuro Improves the Efficacy and Safety of CSEA

Xiu Ni, Meng-zhu Li, Shuang-qiong Zhou, Zhen-dong Xu, Yue-qi Zhang, Yi-bing Yu, Jing Su, Li-min Zhang & Zhi-qiang Liu

Accuro ultrasound-based system with computer-aided image interpretation compared to traditional palpation technique for neuraxial anesthesia placement in obese parturients undergoing cesarean delivery.