Accuro® is superior to ‘blind’ palpation irrespective of provider experience, as demonstrated in controlled trials.

Accuro’s state-of-the-art image guidance includes BoneEnhance®, which is designed to visualize bone landmarks, and SpineNav3D™, which guides you with automatic epidural location and depth.

Certainty Can Be Effortless.

Accuro with lumbar mode preset


1. SEE more than 5X* enhancement of bone-to-tissue contrast with Multi-Frequency BoneEnhance® Image Reconstruction technology.

2. FIND the ideal insertion point with Midline (red dashed line) and Cross Hair indicators.

3. AUTOMATICALLY IDENTIFY epidural location with success rates exceeding 95% using AI-Enabled SpineNav3D Image Recognition technology.

4. MARK needle placement or perform real-time needle guidance with the Accuro Locator needle guide.


• 48% Reduction inneedle redirects.
• 57% Reduction in needle insertion time.
• 95% Overall patient satisfaction.

Dr. Mark Porter

“My use has been limited so far to difficult obstetric patients. I would say that the Accuro device is easy to use and easy to bring into a sterile neuraxial procedure if the block is difficult. It is extremely good at identifying where to do the block—better than any big mains-powered scanner we have.”

Dr. Mark Porter, Consultant anaesthetist
Lead consultant for obstetric anaesthesia
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire

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